The Power of Us

Villager Club is bringing people together.

We create places to spend time with a community of our peers learning, reading, challenging ourselves and trying new things together in San Clemente. 


Events & Culture

Little bit of this, little bit of that...


Book Club

Monthly book club reading and debating all the greats


Guest Speakers

Thought leaders, authors and generally interesting people


Club Dinners

Break bread with one another at group dinners



Low intensity, fun events bring us together in the great outdoors


Authentic Service

We connect to the South Orange County community we live and breathe


Learning & DIY

Nothing is off-limits and new events and ideas are informed by members

Mar 14 at 12 Noon

Escape Room Wish #2/Maitreyi Send-Off


Mar 17 at 6 PM

Game & Trivia Night

Lost Winds Brewing Company, San Clemente

Mar 24 at 6:15 PM

Evening Greenbelt Walk (Dog & People Friendly)

Roller Coaster Ridge Trailhead

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Upcoming Events

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Villager Club is supported by its members. We reach out as needed to cover our costs and will move towards a monthly subscription model as the club grows. Today, we're focused on growing our membership and attendance at events. Sign up for our notifications for access to our calendar and programs!

We are guided by

Our Principles

Check out the research for binge reading on what drives us.

Build to Thrive

We're building something that grows roots and inspires members to do the same amongst other members and the wider community.

Engage the Whole Person

It's true about containing multitudes. We find ways to create dynamic events for people who themselves are changing and growing.

Open Doors

Non-political and non-sectarian, membership is open to all, we welcome and encourage people of all ages, backgrounds, and identities.

Question, Consider and Innovate

We seek to be a space for recreation and social connection and we are open to collaborations and partnerships that fit within our goals.

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